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Admittedly, he's working with beautiful subjects …but the Photographic work of Bryce Wegener is, nonetheless, within the classification of 'stunning'.


Photography of beautiful, professional models would, you might think, always produce good quality photography. Not So! I have seen far too many so-called professional productions where I have stared in wonder and asked myself the unanswerable question (while slowly shaking my head from side to side): 'how did the photographer make that big a mess of such a lovely subject?'


I have never asked that question of any work I have seen from Bryce Wegener.


Yes, he starts with a lovely subject. That's where the work begins.

Bryce Wegener

(Photo by Andrew Wegener)


The hair design, the application of make-up, apparel, lighting and interest (through pose and environment) combine with the technical knowledge and that ever-so-important dash of behind-the-camera-magic that is crucial for that final stunning composition.


And Bryce Wegener has the magic!


Based in tropical Northern New South Wales, Australia, Bryce has had a camera in his hand since he was in his teens. His passion for Photography shows through in the captured emotions of his images and the captured beauty.


Another success trait for a Photographer of people, that is often under-rated, is the ability to relate to those people. Bryce is a 'nice guy' with a natural ability to connect.


Bryce describes his photography as 'a passion to create'.


"I love working with people ...and bringing out my creativity by using them as my canvas. In saying this, it is my desire to give the client / model an experience of being special and to provide them with the end result of receiving images beyond their expectation. My goal is to achieve images that are both original and have that 'Wow!' factor."


From a childhood hobby that began as a simple desire to record family holidays, photography for Bryce has developed into his passion.


"When you get behind the camera you step into another world and for the hour or hours while shooting, nothing else in the world steps in the way of your freedom to create. It's definitely empowering. What I love about it now is meeting and making so many new friends. The world is full of wonderful people."


When Bryce is asked about his Mentors, his first expression of appreciation goes to his brothers.


"My brothers have all had a passion for photography, although in different fields (such as wildlife), and their work continues to inspire me. Of course there are many others that you meet along the way that have been there for longer than you and you can learn so much from them.

I believe that the world is full of mentors just waiting for you to ask the questions. So I like to find them and just keep on learning. Take hold of the opportunity when you get it."


We asked Bryce the age-old question of spontaneity versus preparation and he gave us our quotable quote of this edition:


"A lot happens spontaneously whilst you are actually out on a well planned shoot."


Ed: What about inspiration? Most creative people struggle with the worry of where the inspiration will come from.


"I find my inspiration in the early hours of the morning, at home or on travels. 4.30am to 5.30am is when the inspiration really hits. You miss out on lots of sleep-ins. No such thing as a 'sleep-in' in my life."


Models are not the only subject for Bryce Wegener's camera.


"I guess I have tried most styles, but at this stage I would have to say that high fashion is my favourite. I also enjoy landscape photography and love photographing the outback."


Ed: Words for aspiring photographers?


"Just take an idea and try it. If it doesn't work then figure it out, ask questions from those that know the answers and live your passion. It is so rewarding."


Ed: What do you hope that people will see in your work?


"I hope that they will see creativity mixed with true beauty."





If you would like to see more

(eg Wedding, Family, Pregnancy shoots), Bryce has a very Professional website at:


Bryce loves to travel with his camera and is happy to take on photographic assignments that take him around Australia and overseas.


(Businesses seeking the skills of any of the models shown in this article should contact Bryce through his website.)


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